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A Trustworthy Judge For San Francisco


Elizabeth is fair, intellectual, and honest.  Elizabeth Zareh is the right judge for San Francisco.

Currently, Elizabeth serves as judge pro tem at San Francisco Superior Court and commissioner for City of San Francisco Assessment Appeals Board.  In addition, she has her private law practice. Elizabeth practices law in state, federal, and appellate courts including the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal. Also, she is a real estate broker.

Nothing is more important than upholding the rule of law and ensuring cases are handled with utmost care and attention in a speedy fashion.

San Francisco needs a well rounded judge with breadth of experience like Elizabeth. San Francisco does not need an abusive judge or another judge with limited criminal law background.

On January 11, 2018 Elizabeth Argued before the 9th Circuit.
Unanimous  Verdict
After 3 weeks of trial and 3 years of litigation Elizabeth Zareh successfully secured a unanimous verdict for a nonprofit organization in a fraud case.
Victory In First Appellate District Court
Great victory in court of appeals. The First Appellate District court agreed with Elizabeth Zareh and denied the appeal of her opponent. Also, the court ordered the other party to pay our attorneys fees and costs.

Elizabeth Is Now Serving As:

SF Assessment Appeals Board
Judge Pro Tem
SF Superior
Trial Attorney
Private Practice

On June 5, 2018, Vote for Elizabeth Zareh to restore the rule of law, civility and humility to San Francisco Superior Court


SF Richmond District Democratic Club
The Honorable  Judge Douglas Moore, Jr. (RTD)  
Iranian-American  Women Foundation
Yosef Tahbazof, Commissioner, SF Assessment Appeals Board *
Sharmin Bock, Attorney
Brendan Dooley, Attorney
Richard Wood, Attorney
Ali Ghanbarian, President AKA Marketing
Harmony Place Monterey
Dr.  Elio Polsinelli,  Optometrist 

Farideh Mehran

Title for Identification Purposes Only

Real Estate Broker

Queen’s Bench Bar Association rated Elizabeth Zareh for judge QUALIFIED.